Re: tree view, more tweaking - switching to mc HEAD version.

Yury V. Zaytsev said:     (by the date of Tue, 18 May 2010 17:11:14 +0200)

> On Tue, 2010-05-18 at 16:56 +0200, Janek Kozicki wrote:
> > During the course I have learned a bit of how that tree-view code
> > works, and I already have an idea how to optimize the current patch a
> > little bit more. Depending on your patience you can either apply this
> > patch or wait for the next one.
> That depends on how much time you would want to invest into this
> venture. Either you come up with a patch, attach it to the Trac ticket,
> we create a branch, review it and merge into the current master tree or
> you can checkout the latest source from git and then push your branch to
> github or somewhere else so that we can pull from you.

I'm unfamiliar with git - never used it, except for mc. I used svn
and bzr, but not git.

If you care to tell me how to commit my patches to your repository I
could do that. I have no idea how to set a git hub, so that you could
pull from it. And my IP address is behind a firewall, so you couldn't
reach my PC anyway.

I am fine with sending patches, OTOH I'm afraid that *if* I continue to
improve a tree-view code I might want to send more patches, so write
access to repo might be useful. OTOH My limited time is conflicting with
this obviously and I'm really unable to decide how dedicated to it
I can be.

But just for now, I am trying to update my branch as you suggested,
to use the latest version, so I do:

  git reset --hard
  git checkout master
  git pull

like this:

  janek atak:~/usr/deb-src/mc/mc-ORIGINAL-COPY$ git reset --hard
  HEAD is now at 70c0c3d Merge branch '2157_ncurses_fill_region'
  janek atak:~/usr/deb-src/mc/mc-ORIGINAL-COPY$ git checkout master
  Already on 'master'
  janek atak:~/usr/deb-src/mc/mc-ORIGINAL-COPY$ git pull
  Already up-to-date.

Does it mean that I am at release 5.0 ? I see that version.h says:
"4.7.2-48-g70c0c3d", but maybe it's filled in during compilation, and
I couldn't compile the HEAD, read on.

I am "stuck" with debian packages. I mean - I don't want to run 'mc'
in any different way than by ending the compilation process by making
a .deb package and installing it.

I mean - everytime when I modify a source file, I compile to generate
a .deb and install it, just to run mc. This is maybe longer, but it's
the safest/laziest way for me.

So, inside that directory with git branch have a /debian/
subdirectory so I just did:

  cd debian 
  svn up
  svn info

like this:

  janek atak:~/usr/deb-src/mc/mc-ORIGINAL-COPY$ cd debian 
  janek atak:~/usr/deb-src/mc/mc-ORIGINAL-COPY/debian$ svn up
  At revision 408.
  janek atak:~/usr/deb-src/mc/mc-ORIGINAL-COPY/debian$ svn info
  Path: .
  URL: svn://
  Repository Root: svn://
  Repository UUID: 1da7b59f-b76e-4e7a-8c78-615837a07e4c
  Revision: 408
  Node Kind: directory
  Schedule: normal
  Last Changed Author: zaytsev-guest
  Last Changed Rev: 408
  Last Changed Date: 2010-05-18 10:52:59 +0200 (wto, 18 maj 2010)

So, with the latest version of debian build system in place, I want
to compile, so I proceed in following manner:

  cd ..
  fakeroot debian/rules binary

Which fails with error:

  config.status: error: cannot find input file: `vfs/extfs/'

And now, I am unable to make a debian package. 

What's wrong?

I could try to download a fresh checkout of git repository, and put
in there a fresh checkout of debian built system from repository.
But I just forgot how I did that in the first place, and would need to
look it up. So it was easier to update the current one :)

So while HEAD isn't compiling, I'll continue today to tweak my
current version of tree view with older mc checkout.

> In fact, rebasing to the latest master is recommended as we are now
> applying auto-indent to every file we touch so that hopefully the crazy
> ad hoc indentation will finally go away without causing too much
> conflicts.

Which files did you already auto indent?

Currently it's PITA, because I am using TAB character which is
8 chars long. But whole mc code seems to be tabulated at 4 space
characters. Are you drifting away from this, or towards this?

I have no preference here (forget the TAB flame war), I'm just asking
for vim flags, so that vim will take care of this for me :)

> If you make a patch on top of an source file that has been subsequently
> auto-indented it will become essentially un-applicable for us.

of course :)
> P.S. We all should probably be doing something else... :-)

hell yeah :)

Janek Kozicki                       |

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