how does skin recognize that UTF-8 is available?

I wanted to check how to use  ▶ / ▼ for (un)folding a directory in
tree view. If UTF-8 is available then I'd like to use ▶ / ▼. Andrew
recommended using skin engine for that.

So I suppose that I would just call for an up-arrow and get either a
UTF8 on or a ASCII one. But now I'm troubled. I switched to UTF8
recently and mc is still using ' and , to show the sorting direction.
Instead of ↓ and ↑.

A quick grep shows that the character is fixed to a skin, and not to
UTF8 availability:

$ grep sort-sign-up ./* -R
./misc/skins/darkfar.ini:    sort-sign-up=↑
./misc/skins/featured.ini:    sort-sign-up = ↑
./misc/skins/default.ini:    sort-sign-up = '
./misc/skins/double-lines.ini:    sort-sign-up = '

Maybe 'mc' should detect if UTF8 is available and either use
default-ASCII.ini skin or default-UTF8.ini skin. But there is
currently just one: the ASCII one default.ini.

Or I'm just not getting it, and it just works. Then - how?

Janek Kozicki                       |

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