Re: Ongoing french translation

Le Sat, 16 Jan 2010 16:21:11 +0200,
Slava Zanko <slavazanko gmail com> a écrit :

> Emmanuel Trillaud wrote:
> > So what exactly is your advice :
> > Waiting for the next major release (because 4.7 is already out, no?) or
> > translate the 4.7 release (i.e using the 4.7-stable branch ).
> Now we use next versioning scheme:
> 'master' branch have all features and bugfixes. Numeration of 'master'
> tags is: 4.7.1, 4.7.2, 4.7.3, etc
> Period of releases: 2 months (plus/minus few days)
> '4.7.0-stable' branch will have only bugfixes (and may be some new
> _stable_ features). Numeration of tags:,,, etc
> Period of releases: 2 months, or after 100 commits, or after critical
> bugfix.
> This will continue until 'master' and 4.7.0-stable' branches will be
> compatible (for cherry-picking or for apply patches manually). In future
> at some point of time we will release out 4.8.0 and versioning scheme
> will repeated:
> master: 4.8.1, 4.8.2, 4.8.3, etc
> 4.8.0-stable:,, etc
> Branch 4.7.0-stable still alive until 4.8.0 release out.
> IMHO, this is good proposal for LTS-distros (will ease maintenance in
> downstream distros)...
Thanks Slava, for giving this information and your release workflow.

> Emmanuel, I think, better candidate for translation it's a
> '4.7.0-stable' branch.
Thank for the advice. I will follow it. I think it you be great to have a Wiki
page or README file which describe how to contribute translation to the
project, something like : 
1. Updating a translation
   - if you update from an ooold version of mc, use <this-branch> or
<this-file> as a base for your work
   - If you update from a recent version translation use the <this-branch> or

2. New translation
   - use this template file which come from <this-version> has a base for
your work

3. Translate
   - some details about the mc strings, like the meaning of the "&" caracter
in front of some letters, and advice on howto translate them. There are for
	 defining shortcuts, and this shortcuts are specific to a panel, and
should be unique wrt this panel. I just see that there are bugs in the french
	 translation : in the Options -> Configuration panel, differents
options have the same shortcuts. The shortcuts are not case sensitives (like I
	 thought there were). I would like to have some setails on this
   - details about the "ButtonBar|<..>" strings

4. Submit the updated/new translation
   - some details on your workflow, do you prefer patches or the entire
updated file

I be happy to help if you think such a document can be useful. If you give me
some details about this (especially for the translation of the strings with a
"&", how to now from which panel they come from, ...), I could make a draft
doc/patch to the README.

Best regards


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