Re: [repo rover dkm cz: [] midnight-commander clone completed]

Quoting Enrico Weigelt <weigelt metux de>:

* Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org> schrieb:


What's the point?  I could have given you full access to the "mc"
repository on the same site.  After all, it's just a mirror.  You
could have rewritten the whole repository.  Now we have two competing
mirrors for the same project.  I'm not going to keep it this way.

Hey, it's just dumb *readonly* mirror. nobody can commit there
(not even me) - it just syncs itself from the master periodically.
the idea behind is nothing more to have yet another publically
available copy to keep some unncessary traffic from the weak
mc.o server. and in case something bad happens to the server,
we've got an backup.

It's not a fork or anything like that.

I understand that it's a mirror and not a fork.

I really don't see the problem.

The problem is that the mirror already existed on that site. Now we have two mirrors. It's confusing to the users. Some may be tracking my mirror now. Instead of giving you control over the existing mirror, I'll need to ask the site administration to remove my mirror. The users will have to switch to your repository.

I believe it's important that the project developers act as a team and coordinate their actions. I realize I'm not a team member anymore, but I've been maintaining the mirror for along time. I spent quite a lot of time mapping CVS authors to the real names, and that mapping is used in your repository. It's just not nice to set up an alternate mirror without bothering to ask me.

It's not like I'm going to spend much time on the project anyway, but such treatment will discourage me from dealing with the new team.

Pavel Roskin

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