Re: testfarm

Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:

> This looks interesting. Am I correct that this is only a framework for
> build tests for different combinations of build options (builds /
> doesn't build) and doesn't have anything to do with functional tests
> (e.g. works / doesn't work)?

Right. Actually it's just a bunch of scripts which do tests builds.

> As you might already know, I'm building nightlies for all currently
> supported RH distros (with the exception of EL3) for almost half a
> year. 

Great. What configurations do you use ?
Perhaps you could add them to the testfarm ?

> This has proved to be of great help, but now that I spared some money
> for new hardware I might consider doing the same for Debian / Ubuntu and
> running some kind of functional / build testsuite on a daily basis with
> the results published on the web / mailed to the list in case of
> failures.

Yep, that was my idea for the next step: some build-results list
where the bots post their results. or perhaps even create tickets
(in an own category, so they dont mix up with the regular ones ;-o)

> It would be nice if we could introduce some officially supported testing
> framework in /contrib to check for most prominent bugs / general build
> options coverage etc.

Yep, that's a good idea. I've just created a new ticket for it:

Maybe we should also have a closer look at tinderbox or xenofarm.

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