Re: Further Midnight Commander development

2008/12/23 Patrick Winnertz <winnie debian org>:
> Am Monday 22 December 2008 21:02:21 schrieben Sie:
>> Patrick Winnertz wrote:
>> > If yes I'll set up a trac on my private server until I find a better
>> > solution. If this repro is ready I'll ping you and we can start to
>> > migrate you patches into the git repro. Is this okay for you (and the
>> > rest of the team?)
>> Team vote 100% "yes"
>> We are ready to work with you.
> Cool.
> So please:
> All people who wants to have write access to the repro should send mail
> (preffered signed) to me (winnie debian org) and I'll create a new ssh account
> for committing into the git repro.
> Furthermore I would need  the usernames for trac.. I'll create random
> passwords and send them then to you indiviually so that you can change them
> after that.
> After this I'll/We'll could start to migrate the stuff from the mc.redhat-
> team into this repro.

I would like to participate. "vda.linux" or "vda_linux"
are my preferred usernames.

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