Re: Moving the MC homepage to

[OT] I don't want to be a smart-ass, but I need to say this: I probably
do know enough about e-mail clients and RFC-822 header fields, because
back in the 90s when I still was a software developer, I implemented a
multi-threaded, platform-independent e-mail server from scratch, only
based on reading RFCs, BTW. I also implemented a POP3 e-mail client
(also platform-independent, also from scratch) and a complex MIME
en-/decoder capable of sending a whole directory tree of documents as a
hierarchically nested set of MIME documents, i.e. on the recipient side
there really was a hierarchy again, not a flat set of files. You need to
know the RFCs to implement that properly, and I do. [/OT]

Furthermore, I know what the "reply all" button is good for and my
e-mailer has one, placed prominently. Anyway, I prefer to answer to the
list *only* and think that for members of any mailing list this should
be the default. Replying to anybody privately should be an exception. I
would even prefer if my e-mail address was hidden, but this is another
topic, don't let me stray from the main one again. I am a member of
several other lists which have been implemented according to what I am
suggesting here (e.g. scite-interest lyra org). Having to consider which
list does what every time I want to reply to a message is a pain in the
***. Being an (ex-)geek does not necessarily mean I do not like to have
a smart and convenient default. Usability can be a nice thing.

Having explained that, I am going to find out how to tweak Thunderbird 2
so it does what I want. Sorry for having made my own problem yours, but
I think once in a while a mailing list can bear with a meta discussion
about itself.

Alexander Kriegisch

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