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On Wed, 2007-09-05 at 19:09 +0200, Alexander Kriegisch wrote:
> OT: Damn, this happens *every time* I do not explicitly remember not to
> answer e-mails from this list directly: They are sent to the person
> whose message I answer instead of to the list, so I have to create
> another copy with the right address. Can this be fixed?

That's what the "reply all" option is for, and it's present in all
decent mail clients.  This way, you have a choice whether to reply
personally or to the list.

What you probably expect from your experience with some other list is
that the "reply" would default to the list address.  This is implemented
using the "reply-to" line in the message header.  The problem with this
approach is that it gives you less flexibility.  If you want to reply
privately, you have to instruct your mail client to ignore "reply-to",
which is rarely supported.

More discussion here:

Pavel Roskin

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