Re: Getting ready for a release

On Tuesday 04 September 2007 09:57, Pavel Tsekov wrote:
> Hello,
> As it has been discussed on the mailing list a new release of MC is long 
> overdue. So... I plan to release a new version of MC by mid October. This 
gives us about a month (till the end of September) for final testing, bug 
reporting, fixing, updating translations and other related tasks - the last 
two are to be used by translators to update the MC translation. I hope that 
everyone interested will participate in this process so that we can finally 
release a new version.

I am currently watching this Google tech talk:
April 19, 2007 Release Management in Large Free Software Projects - Martin 
Michlmayr (Debian)

ABSTRACT: Time based releases are made according to a specific time interval, 
instead of making a release when a particular functionality or set of 
features have been implemented. This talk argues that time based release 
management acts as an effective coordination mechanism in large volunteer 
projects and shows examples from seven projects that have moved to time based 
releases: Debian, GCC, GNOME, Linux, OpenOffice, Plone, and

Direct link to video:

Maybe it will be interesting to you too.

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