Getting ready for a release


As it has been discussed on the mailing list a new release of MC is long 
overdue. So... I plan to release a new version of MC by mid October. This gives us about a month (till the end of September) for final testing, bug reporting, fixing, updating translations and other related tasks - the last two are to be used by translators to update the MC translation. I hope that everyone interested will participate in this process so that we can finally release a new version.

There are three full weeks by the end of September which can be used to release at most 3 pre-releases and give each a week of testing and polishing (depending on the user feedback). I am going to wait till the end of this week for your suggestions on how to use the remaining three weeks and make a plan according to them, then I'll publish the first pre-release on Monday. This reminds me that we have another problem to solve -
how are we going to number the new release ? Please, share your thoughts on that too.

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