[bug #13146] make tabs and trailing spaces visible

Follow-up Comment #17, bug #13146 (project mc):

Ok. I tracked the "bug" to vte_terminal_determine_colors() in the vte
package. To request brighter colors one forces the terminal into "bold mode".
It seems that in this mode vte allows only the foreground color to be bright.
In vte's terms a bright color is the same color as the normal one but with a
special flag set. So what happens is that when the time comes for the cursor
to blink vte switches the current forground color with the current background
color and vice versa... As I said above 
both colors are indentified in the same way but one has a special flag,
however vte uses this flag to brighten the foreground color so at the end we
end up as if nothing happened. It's hard to say whether this is the desired
behaviour .. I'll attach a simple patch which changes vte to do what seems
more logically correct... and I'll open a report in gnome's bugzilla.

(file #13873)

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