Re: mc and utf-8 again but different

On pondělí 12 listopad 2007, Rostislav Beneš wrote:
> Problems:
> invalid strings - I chose a defensive way, no invalid strings are loaded
> in mc. Only panels can handle invalid file names. I'm not sure, that I
> found every place, where invalid strings can appear. API functions like
> str_next_char, str_prev_char, str_length do not support invalid strings.
> Invalid strings support str_term_* function (formation for drawing on
> screen).

It seems that there is the same bug as in the old utf8 patches: move and
copy should preserve the original broken sequences, i.e. it should be possible
to copy a file with 8859 name even if mc is in utf-8 mode. Both versions
of utf-8 patch replace the invalid utf-8 sequences with questionmarks in 
target file name.

Vladimir Nadvornik

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