Re: mc and utf-8 again but different

On Thu, 22 Nov 2007 14:43:21 +0100, Vladimir Nadvornik <nadvornik suse cz>

It seems that there is the same bug as in the old utf8 patches: move and
copy should preserve the original broken sequences, i.e. it should be possible
to copy a file with 8859 name even if mc is in utf-8 mode. Both versions
of utf-8 patch replace the invalid utf-8 sequences with questionmarks in
target file name.

Another place where I have been inspired by first utf-8 patch.
Move/copy/delete dialogs use re_match function, that does not work with
invalid utf-8 strings. So every incorrect sequences are replaced with
question mark before calling re_match. I have thought that is not possible
keep them. But solution seems to be quite simple.

str_fix_string does not affect size of string and re_match return relative
positions of matches in string. So re_match is called with fixed fnsource,
but following cycle uses original and possible invalid fnsource. It works
fine on simple source masks like "*". I think that only case, where could
be this useful.

I'm only not sure if question mark is the best replacement character in
this case.

I have made standalone fix-01-copymove.patch (attached) for testing. If it
solved this bug, I will added it directly in my utf-8 patches.

(trick: if you set #enc:utf8, you will see only valid file names)

Attachment: fix-01-copymove.patch
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