Re: mc and utf-8 again but different

I can see that you did not patch the internal editor. Did you look into it?
Do you have any comments?

In haven't seen much from editor source codes and I know only basic principles of utf8 pathc in editor.

I think utf-8 and functions from strutil could be used if:
- there will be no problem with multibytes characters (or could be used as followings singles chars) - editor don't use "random access" to characters a lot, this is slower in utf8.
(typicals utf8 problems)
if not, editor shall read file into wchar instead of char. width of characters must be solved in both, in strutil are some functions for it.

I come out from problems I have to solved in WInput and view.

In strutil will be needed add new functions like str_char_width, that I could do anytime. But working on editor can I start earliest after two months.

PS: I think that correct displaying alone could be made in a few days. If someone will try it, it shall be similar to displaying help.

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