Re: Issues with recent utf8 patch

On Wed, 21 Nov 2007 12:30:30 +0100, Rafał Mużyło <galtgendo o2 pl> wrote:

I decided to give those patches a try and they mostly work.
As it's the first (known to me) release that should work with ncursesw I
tested only that (cause fc slang patches work for me after a simple
correction - they have a problem with double-width chars).
Following issues were found:
1. MC_WITH_NCURSESW is incorrect
If it was a simple copy/paste it would probably work,
however it's not. AC_CHECK_LIB and AC_SEARCH_LIBS differ in a very
important point. AC_SEARCH_LIBS always sets LIBS var with found libs,
AC_CHECK_LIB does that only if no other action is named. As such checks
for ESCDELAY and resizeterm work in MC_WITH_NCURSES but always fail in
I have thought that I could made MC_WITH_NCURSESW simpler than MC_WITH_NCURSES. Wrong decision. Now I use copy/paste method and hope it will work better. But someone experienced in configuration scripts shall check it.

2. src/strutilutf8.c has #include <slang/slang.h>
This include is unneeded and breaks compile if slang is not found.

3. Options/Configuration dialog
Most of the dialogs I managed to check seem fine, this one is, however,
(May be important LANG=pl_PL.UTF-8)
If I have understand to the second email well, there is/was a difference between ncursesw and slang version of the configuration dialog? On my system seems to be same both.

all three tarballs actualized.

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