Re: Release procedure

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

    Roland, I like your proposal, for a major release version.

    But I got the feeling that we could go back to bi-weekly releases,
so with a quick release schedule, translators just need to make sure
they can catch the next train if their translations are not available.

bi-weekly releases? You're kidding, aren't you? I think this would be too much work for us. What about bi-monthly?

There are many big projects waiting to be addressed, like extended character support, a uniform and simple pathname scheme. These projects will take much more time than two weeks to be finished.

    I have made a tarball of the current "trunk" release and fixing a
few issues in make distcheck, the question that remains is: what version
should we use?

What did you fix?

    We continue to use the 4.6.xx family name.  I think it might be time
to change one of those numbers to identify the changes done since the
4.6.0 release in a more significant way.

I would prefer 4.7. (Just to leave the long past of 4.6.* pre-releases behind us. ;))


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