Re: Release procedure

David Martin wrote:
I think that most translator are part time or even little time collaborators and some/most of them may have problems with this tight
 scheduling. On the other hand, I know that scheduling is a must.

Is it possible to open the 10 days translation period making sort of an "interface freeze" where no translatable strings may be changed? Any sort of pre-warning such as "be ready for next release in 1 month"? I know that lately we've had too many of these warnings :).

I don't have any experience in this field, so it's just my first
suggestion. At least it's better than the three days we had before. :)

I am planning to have more releases of mc than we had in the last four
years (that is: exactly one), so even if a translator is "too late", his
work will show up some months later in the next release.

I'm not sure if I would manage to deal with CVS branches. I've always
done updates to the HEAD. Some help may be needed at this point (at
least for me), or even open an alternate channel for sending
translations (mc-devel?, direct e-mail?).

The CVS branches thing should be completely invisible for translators. That's what the developers are for. My idea was that the translators just get a mail short before a release telling them where to download the translation template (mc.pot), the current translation (e.g. de.po) and (if necessary) the complete prerelease (mc-*.tar.gz) for looking up the strings in the code. Then they send their work back to the mc-devel list and they're done.

If it should become necessary we could even create a new mailing list mc-translators, but I'd like to try the simple version first. :)


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