Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander

On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 22:41, Nerijus Baliunas wrote:
> Well, Ali is right. I remember one of mplayer developers
> posted a few patches, but got no reply from Pavel...

Actually it was not one of the MPlayer developers. It was the lead
developer of MPlayer himself - Arpi. The guy who has bigger balls in his
pants than others (refering to his skills here). Ok it was always
criticised that the MPlayer code looked awfull but this is hopefully
being dealth with in MPlayerG2. But more interesting is that he and his
team of developers were those who finally brought one of the best
mediaplayers around to open source.

This makes him a qualified person as soon as it comes to innovate and
bringing projects futher. I only didn't caught his signal where he
wanted to create a new mainstream Midnight Commander early Spring this
year. Anyways have you people paid attention that during this entire
conversation that Pavel didn't replied to it anymore ? This is a
development Mailinglist so raising Proposals and ideas what can be
changed is a common practice. I am not talking out of my back here - I
do know what I am talking here and raising some good points that others
may not have seen so far is definately a good point but I take his
silence as - not wanting to cooperate in any ways. Accpeting patches
from others and the normal smaltalk is welcome but major changes or
raised opinions somehow not.

After all we are just talking about software here and I am happy that we
kept it that way. Anyways I would wish that people are more cooperative
and more open about innovation and going a good way rather than keeping
their tunnelview and stay stuck in road they are going. Midnight
Commander is a nice tool, the source code layout in the Midnight
Commander dir looks quite promising. After all we are not pushing
Mountains here. Anyways Pavel, my offer to help removing the glib
dependency still stays. I would accept it, it's a general benefit for

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