Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander

On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 22:20, Nerijus Baliunas wrote:
> > then I can write a bunch of parts to have glib dependency
> > removed. Yes I am willing to do this - with help of others
> > this could be done in a couple of hours.
> Really ? And to make it work with a lot of unices and their
> compilers ? And don't have any potential problems with buffers
> et all ?

This is no problem with compilers or something. But yes, the majority of
g_* calls used are g_malloc, g_free, g_strdup and a few soon to be
DEPRECATED calls. The majority can be replaced with libc alternatives. I
would be a liar and not serious if I promise that there won't be the one
or other problem that needs to be investigated a bit more but I can
promise that after it's done that it works. Your system is full of
console programs that do not require glib and they magically work -
don't you agree ?

And that's my whole point. I don't want to change the appearance of
Midnight Commander, nor do I want to take away flexibility or something.
Midnight Commander besides a few things I don't really like (because of
personal preferences) is so far a great program. It's used worldwide by
many people. I only want to increase it's flexibility by removing a
shitty dependency. After this has been done we can seamless concentrate
solving the other issues around it like VFS that pavel said to be broken
and things like this.

Another thing that may be not clear right now is the simple datatypes.
Look if we gonna talk about 'does it work on other systems' and if we
talk about 'glib is cool' then I need to raise the question why doesn't
Midnight Commander use all of glib then ? Even the simple Datatypes ?
The majority of Datatypes are wrappers anyways but glib here guarantees
that a 32bit integer is 32bit and not 16bit or 64bit (just a weak
example). The majority of Datatypes used in Midnight Commander are
standard C Datatypes. So basically the glib usage is halfbacked in
Midnight Commander anyways.

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