Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander

Ali Akcaagac wrote:

Pavel said he will do that when these calls disappear from glib.

He actually said that he is going to replace DEPRECATED glib
functioncalls with NEW functioncalls inside glib. Not replacing them
with glibc alternatives. Which is quite a big difference.

Ah, ok, sorry.

but if you want to do that, you are welcome.

Are you the new maintainer of Midnight Commander ? From what I
understood is that Pavel doesn't plan to have that one changed. If so

OK then, if you can't persuade him, you can only use some other
fork or fork yourself...

then I can write a bunch of parts to have glib dependency removed. Yes I
am willing to do this - with help of others this could be done in a
couple of hours.

Really? And to make it work with a lot of unices and their compilers?
And don't have any potential problems with buffers et all?


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