Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander

Ali Akcaagac wrote:

And I need console filemanager not for rescue disks, but for
normal work (file manager plus editing files), as I have usually
up to 10 terminals with mc opened. And I don't care about its size
or whether it depends on glib... BTW, I don't see any new bad
things in 4.6.0, can you elaborate on this?

Listen, I'm not going to make some sort of flamewar out of this. I just

I am not going too, sorry if it sounded like that. I just said
what *I* need from the console filemanager, that's it.

raised a proposal which I for my own belive in. If you and others are
going to see it differently then it's ok. No further harms no bad
feelings nothing.

Exactly. I just wanted to say that I see it differently, but I
do not think that everybody has to think the same way.

about the real problem. Do you know the problem I was raising - do you
understand the technical problem raised here ?


Now you said you don't
care whether it depends on glib or not so why did you replied then ?

Oh well, this is a flame already, I will not answer in order
not to become a troll...

do not see any difference from operation only that the handful glib
calls gonna be replaced with native glibc ones which imo is a good sign
to go in the right direction again.

Pavel said he will do that when these calls disappear from glib.


P.S. My comment was about that these issues are not the most important
ones for the moment, and probably because of that Pavel will not
address them now, but if you want to do that, you are welcome.

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