Re[4]: QNX 6.2 patch


PR> Hello, Dmitry!

PR> OK, I'll have a look, but I was testing mc on the QNX console yesterday
PR> and didn't see anything wrong.

Try playing with pulldown menus (especially move between them).
I can upload some screenshots with corrupted screen. I may also upload
my binaries, maybe i just have made something wrong.

>> 1)  When  I  drop  (pressing  down  key) first(left) pulldown menu, it
>> spreads  all  over the screen, line by line, adding 2 additional weird
>> symbols  instead  of  '\n'(?)  to  each  line, and continuing printing
>> without any '\n'`s. Those symbols seems to be 0xec and 0xe8.

PR> I'm sure I would have noticed it.  Are you using QNX 6.2.0 (Momentics)?
Yes. People who have 6.2.1 PE beta and 6.1.0(a) have the same problem.

>> 2)  When y=16, menu line is shifted (x) far from its real place. It is
>> truth with only first(left) and second menus. "Left" menu has bottom
>> line shifted shifted, "File" menu has "Mkdir" line shifted. [ if I turn
>> off SLsmg_draw_vline() first(left side) call, those bugs do not appear ]

PR> I don't understand anything.  What is "y"?

"y" is the number of row on the screen. That's why I thought the
problem is in setting the cursor position.

PR> Anyway, when something is displayed incorrectly, it's usually sufficient to
PR> reproduce just 1 problem.

I just do not know how to reproduce it. But everyone who has binaries
made by me, see that problem. I have tried to reproduce it outside of
mc, but had no luck.

>> What could it mean? How to track down such bugs? Have someone seen
>> something similar?

PR> If you want to solve this problem, translate the terminfo entry to termcap
PR> using infocmp, use mc compiled with termcap and use binary search to find
PR> the option responsible for the breakage.

Ok, I'll try that.

>> Pavel: How was that bug with reversed colors in qansi-m fixed ? (it
>> was reported by Pavel Shirshov, IIRC).

PR> setf and setb were incorrectly interpreted.  Unlike the ANSI standard
PR> colors, they specify color in BGR (blue=1, green=2, red=4).  This
PR> translation wasn't done in older version of S-Lang.

PR> Look for BGR in S-Lang 1.4.8 sources.

>> Could I roll back somehow those changes?

PR> Why do you want that?  Is there anything wrong with them?

I just thought this patch might have broken something. I do not
remember those bugs when the screen was coloured red ;) Maybe I am


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