Re: ftpfs, creating directories

Hello, Rob!

> When I connect to an ftp server ( I am running stupid-ftpd on a non
> standard port on the same machine, so I connect to localhost:8021 ) and
> try to make a new directory, it says "operation not permitted." If I ftp
> to the same place with the command line ftp client, it lets me make
> directories, so I know it is not the server.

I couldn't reproduce this problem with vsftpd 1.1.1 and CVS mc.

> I will try the cvs version of MC also, but I won't be able to get back
> to this little project for a week or so.

I'm not aware of any changes since version 4.6.0 that would affect this
anyhow.  Try "--ftplog" option to see what is going on between the server
and mc.

> Mcserv is considerably smaller than even my trimmed-down ftpd, as long
> as it will work without requiring the portmapper.

It can if you specify the port.

> When I get back to this project next week I will try to run mcserv in
> gdb and start tracing through to find out why it doesn't seem to work.
> Does anyone know what the last version of mcserv that worked is ?

If mcserv was broken, I would make that very clear in the documentation
(like it's done for the defunct PC port).  There have been no bugreports
about mcserv since the 4.6.0 release.

> Did directory creation work on an mcserv filesystem ?

It should work.  The code is there.

Pavel Roskin

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