Re: [PATCH] aclocal.m4: Enable configure to detect the presence of terminfo database on OpenBSD


> > I don't understand what exactly your patch supposed to fix.  What is the
> > problem?  Have you tested your patch?  Does the problem go away?
> Yes, the problem goes away. If it's not clear the problem is that
> configure doesn't detect the presence of terminfo database on OpenBSD thus
> thinking that terminfo is not available at all and this is not true.

OK, then it's not a problem, because configure does the right thing.

> I admit that I didn't knew how S-Lang interfaces with the terminfo database
> before I browsed through the code today. However, IMHO, what is
> incompatible here is the S-Lang library itself - there are a couple of
> routines which deal with the terminfo database and if S-Lang used them
> instead of emulating them everything would be fine.

Are those functions in the curses library?  You can ask in the S-Lang
mailing list, but I think it will be easier to reimplement those functions
rather than link to -lcurses.  S-Lang used to depend on -lcurses in the
past on some UNIX systems, but this dependency was later eliminated.

Pavel Roskin

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