Re: [PATCH] Clean xterm title restore

* Adam Byrtek 'alpha' <alpha student uci agh edu pl>, 20/01/2003, 02:48

> [...]
> First of all you should check:
> - is the WINDOWID env variable set, try xprop -id $WINDOWID and check
> if it gives you info about your xterm (the title is in WM_NAME)

One more thing: I just noticed that it also doesn't work when su'ing to
root by 'su -' (to get root's standard environment), as $WINDOWID also
isn't passed on to the new shell in this case. Using plain 'su' works,
of course, but then I don't get root's standard environment.

It seems to me that while the Xlib variant might be a technically clean
solution, it's more prone to failure than the escape sequences variant.

Note that by "failure" I don't mean that there's a bug in the usual sense,
but that it simply doesn't produce the expected result due to the way it
works internally. And while it's perfectly clear _why_ it doesn't work in
these cases, it seems that the escape sequences are a more generic and
robust approach here.

There might be a small delay on startup, but at least it also works for
remote sessions, and independently of the current shell environment (using
the old escape sequences patch, there is no problem even when I 'su -' to
root in a remote session). From a pure user's point of view, this is
definitely the "better" solution.

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