Re: hotlist: now with edit

On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 02:37:50PM -0500, bulia byak wrote:
> An updated hotlist patch uploaded:

It is still broken as I told you in private mail. I'll test it when it
will compile.

> Since nobody complained, I removed insert/append buttons; now it's
> one button saying "add" for "new entry/group" and "done" for 

Wise. When I started using hotlist I was confused what all those
buttons really mean.

> 1. Hotkeys of entries may obscure the hotkeys of the buttons in 
> the bottom of the list. Do we need to: block conflicting 
> hotkeys from being entered, or warn the user, or disable button

I think we should leave users the choice and allow button hotkeys
duplication (hotlist hotkeys shoud take precedence). If one doesn't
want to have his button hotkey obscured - he will choose another
hotkey for his entry.

> 2. Do we need to check for duplicate hotkeys in one group?

As Pavel said there are duplicates even in the menu. We should leave
the decision to user and the first entry should take precedence. This
will be convinient with the rest of mc.

> 3. Does anyone know how to make a one-char-wide field for the 
> hotkey?

I would prefer standard approach like:
"My &favourite directory"
where 'f' will be a hotkey.


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