hotlist: now with edit

An updated hotlist patch uploaded:

Since nobody complained, I removed insert/append buttons; now it's 
one button saying "add" for "new entry/group" and "done" for 
"edit entry/group". 

I also removed "add current" as redundant ("new entry" does the 
same with default values). 

Please report your experience. Please also share your ideas on 
these issues:

1. Hotkeys of entries may obscure the hotkeys of the buttons in 
the bottom of the list. Do we need to: block conflicting 
hotkeys from being entered, or warn the user, or disable button 

2. Do we need to check for duplicate hotkeys in one group?

3. Does anyone know how to make a one-char-wide field for the 

4. Does anyone know how to display part of the line in a list
differently, e.g. to highlight the hotkey in each line of the

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