Re: hotlist: now with edit

> As for me, I'd rather have the hotkeys assigned to the entries.

Me too. So I think the options are:

1. Warn the user if a new hotkey conflicts with that of a button, but perform no further action.

2. (I'd prefer this one) Just remove all hotkeys from the buttons, to aviod any confusion. This is reasonable because the buttons are accessible not only via Tab, but by other keys (that cannot be entry hotkeys anyway):

Change to = Enter
Edit = F4 (not yet, but I think it's a good idea)
Up = Left-arrow
Remove = Del
New entry = Insert
New group = ? (any suggestions?)

> Hm, if we allow more entries assingned to one hotkey, then pressing
> the key should "cycle-jump" through entries.

That's too inconsistent. A hotkey's action is to activate an item immediately. It may be utterly confusing when you hit a key but the expected action is not fired only because there's another item with the same hotkey. So I think it's best to prevent duplicate hotkeys from being entered.
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