Re: annoyance: undo does not reset "modified" status

On Fri, Apr 11, 2003 at 05:50:26PM -0400, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> I don't see any problems with the current behavior.  Undoing one action a
> time is reasonable in my opinion.

Yes, one ACTION at the time. Not one CHARACTER at the time or one
arrow key move at the time.

> How often do you need to undo really big changes?  

I often undo whole word, or whole sentence. In mcedit it would cost me
about 5-15 keypresses for a word undo and 20-30 keypresses for a
sentence undo. Moreover I navigate a lot in text, which gives me lots
of additional keypresses for arrow key actions.

I would like to note, that I don't use mcedit, so I won't force
changes if nobody is interested :)



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