Re: mc.1 translated in Russian


> Also %{var} macro and smbfs are not documented in but in
> history and hotlist files are not documented too.

It is fine, but somehow the old text about slipped into your
translation.  It is a very bad idea for an interactive program to ask the
user to write a script.  Users are not supposed to write scripts; in fact,
they are not even supposed to read the manuals unless they are interested
in details - the interface should be self-explanatory!

On the technical side, the translated manual has "@prefix" without 
trailing "@" in two places.  Please check your script.

> >By the way, it would be nice if you applied your script to the Hungarian 
> >translation as well - it is already on CVS (lib/
> >
> There is too many manual work.  My sed script can't differ .PP, .IP and .TP.

Is it a limitation of the script or the information is actually lost in 
mc.hlp?  Could you please send me the script?

> BTW man2hlp has some problems with cyrillic.  Sometimes it eats
> whitespaces between words and does not split long lines.

I found it immediately when I looked into the sources.

        /* Don't add control characters to the length */
        if (c < 32)

c is "int", it gets the value from "char *buffer", char is signed by 
default, so it gets extended to negative integers.  I've committed a patch 
- it's fixed now.

Actually, man2hlp shows a real problem in the translation - empty .SH at 
the line 4016.

By the way, where does "QueryBox" come from?  There is no such word in the 
original manual.

Also the translation overuses empty pairs of double quotes.  Run this to 
see what I mean:

grep '""'

Pavel Roskin

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