Re: Include glib into mc distribution?


> Read my words again.  "Separate distribution" means that it will be a
> separate bigger tarball especially for those who don't have glib and don't
> want to install it.  And I'll make it only if I have time and there is
> enough interest from the users.

I saw some posts in the net from users who were having problems because of
the glib. Most of these users are not users anymore just because they were
unable to build mc :-(
I found the following example in the cygwin list:
I am trying to compile mc 4.5.55 with no luck.  First, it complained I did
not have glib so I tried to install that.  However, glib complained I did
not have pkgconfig.  I downloaded the latest version of pkgconfig and I
can't get that to install either.  I read the instructions and typed
"./configure" then "make" then "make install".  I get a variety of errors
and eventually, it does not work.

Apparently this guy is not mc user anymore...
And he was having problem on machine with "root" access, forget about
production machine with tyrant sysadmin.
I also had a problem with glib - its installer put glib.m4 to a wrong place,
it took me some time to figure out this problem.

The size of glib is about 500K, which will be about 200K compressed, so the
size it is not a problem since the mc distribution is about 3 Megs.
We already have slang and gettext included and this is very good - people
don't have hassles with them.
Let's be consistent!


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