Re: mc.1 translated in Russian


I converted and fixed/translated  a half of binary
(by Victor Kostromin <kos nbrt kazan su>)
to nroff mandoc format.

I plan to finish this work in february,
and where to put this file is a good questions.

I finished this work today and it will be uploaded as Also I plan to sent this manual page to Russian Team
of Free Translation Project <tt chg ru>

Possible places are doc/
or doc/ru/

doc/ru/ is better. Actually, I think that the manuals should not be processed by configure to substitute current paths. Instead, the manual should be universal and should explain how to find out where the files are installed. does it.

But doc/ru/ is a good start. Let me sort out automake problems if you have any.

I also like doc/ru/, but as far as I know patch can't create absent directory, so it will be hard to make patches. And I leave all of automake staff to you, sorry.

Also %{var} macro and smbfs are not documented in but in
history and hotlist files are not documented too.

By the way, it would be nice if you applied your script to the Hungarian translation as well - it is already on CVS (lib/

There is too many manual work.  My sed script can't differ .PP, .IP and .TP.

BTW man2hlp has some problems with cyrillic. Sometimes it eats whitespaces between words
and  does not split long lines.


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