Another Win32 port, this time for cygwin


I was able to build and somehow run the latest mc sources from CVS using
If somebody want to do the same, my environment is:

1. Win 2000
2. Cygwin :
autoconf            2.52-5
automake            1.5a-1
bash                2.05a-2
binutils            20011002-1
cygwin              1.3.6-6
gcc                 2.95.3-5
m4                  0.0
make                3.79.1-5
3. CVS sources as of 2/21/2
4. GLIB 1.2.10

Problems and solutions:
1. Glib didn't compile, made a small fix:

*** glib-1.2.10/gstrfuncs.c     Tue Feb 27 01:00:22 2001
--- glib-1.2.10_old/gstrfuncs.c Mon Nov  5 21:50:44 2001
    char *msg;
!   extern char *strsignal (int sig);
    switch (signum)
    char *msg;
! //  extern char *strsignal (int sig);
    switch (signum)

Another problem with glib : the installer put glib.m4 into wrong place,
manually copied it into right place.

2. While compiling libintl the  libintl.def was missing, I just created a
dummy one, which is containing just one line:

Can it be fixed properly ?

3. Was having problems compiling zh_TW.po, must be GNU gettext installation
problem, just  removed all references to zh_TW from makefile .

4. libintl is compiled  with -DGETTEXT_STATIC flag whereas the rest of the
system without it, so I had zillions of link errors.
Temporarily fixed it by adding -DGETTEXT_STATIC to CFLAGS of all makefiles

5. Had some more linking errors, found that some *.c files were missing in
makefiles, added them manually.
Looks like a general problem of the build system .

Was able to link. It  runs under bash, rxvt and xterm of XFree86.
I liked how it runs under XFree86 xterm most of all.
The problems are:
1. many problems related to regexp
2. subshell hangs very often


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