Re: Include glib into mc distribution?


> > Regarding glib, I consider making a separate source distribution for those
> > who don't want to install glib.
> Are you considering to include the headers and sources of glib into mc
> distribution?
> That would be great!

Read my words again.  "Separate distribution" means that it will be a
separate bigger tarball especially for those who don't have glib and don't
want to install it.  And I'll make it only if I have time and there is
enough interest from the users.

You actually can do it yourself right now.  It requires no coding, just
some understanding of Autoconf, Automake and Libtool.  Put glib to a
subdir, make sure that "configure" and "make" know about it.  Remove check
for glib.  Disable shared library support.  Change makefiles to link
mcserv and mc against the included glib.  Test it.  Pack it.

Pavel Roskin

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