Re: --with-samba problems


To Walery: as for me it is nothing wrong for mc if there is not smb.conf 
in the system at all.

: > > 4) Distribution size.  Why distribute all that code if samba provides a
: > > shared library?

Great! Just download another 5.9 MB. But anyway it is move in right direction.

: > Last time, when I looked into samba, that was the problem - there were no
: > shared library for samba. Also, it was(AFAIK) a problem with all the expor-
: > ted functions, which poluted namespace.
: Now, if you rename to and link mc against
: it instead on the code from vfs/samba, only few symbols are unresolved:
: from vfs/smbfs.c:
: DEBUGLEVEL smb_len smb_buf

Easy to fix if there will be WITH_SMBLIB macro.

: from
: real_llseek real_lstat64 real_readdir64 real_fstat64 real_stat64
: real_pwrite real_pread

I think they can be copied from samba source to smbfs.c.


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