Re: MC 4.5.55 tagged, 4.5.x branch created


> Cygwin support is very poor.  Both the viewer and the editor emit useless
> warnings every time they are used.  But it compiles cleanly.
> QNX Neutrino doesn't support subshell by default due to lack of SA_RESTART
> support.  It can be compiled with SA_RESTART removed from the system
> headers (which is the right thing IMO).  In this case mc works with bash,
> but not with zsh.
> BeOS is not supported due to serious limitations of its select() call - it
> only works on sockets.
> The native (non-cygwin) port for Win32 and OS/2 is out of date and does
> not work, but can be fixed.

Maybe killing native win32 port is good idea? We have cygwin, right?
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