Re: MC 4.5.55 tagged, 4.5.x branch created

Hi, Pavel!

> > Cygwin support is very poor.  Both the viewer and the editor emit useless
> > warnings every time they are used.  But it compiles cleanly.


> > The native (non-cygwin) port for Win32 and OS/2 is out of date and does
> > not work, but can be fixed.
> Maybe killing native win32 port is good idea? We have cygwin, right?

The native build used to work better than the CygWin version.  If anybody
ever decides to make a GPL'd file manager for Windows and OS/2 (and
whatever else system used drives and DOS-style file attributes), the "pc"
directory is the point to start.  150k uncomressed is not that much.

On the other hand, I've been considering a "contrib" directory on the FTP
site that could contain such marginal things as:

1) Non-functional PC port.

2) Drop-in Samba support.  The Samba code is rotten, it hardcodes many
paths.  But on the other hand, Samba doesn't provide a library with
documented API. is rather a loadable module (from the
user point of view), it doesn't even have "lib" in its name.

3) Patch for rxvt that enables "output lines" in Options->Layout (so
called rxvt extensions by Paul Sheer).  I was playing with it yesterday
and was amazed that I still works (but not with ncurses).

4) Patches for unarj, ansient ncurses etc.

Then we could remove all that stuff from the sources to the joy of modem
users :-)

Pavel Roskin

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