Re: --with-samba problems

Hi, Timur!

> > 4) Distribution size.  Why distribute all that code if samba provides a
> > shared library?
> Last time, when I looked into samba, that was the problem - there were no
> shared library for samba. Also, it was(AFAIK) a problem with all the expor-
> ted functions, which poluted namespace.

If you configure samba-2.2.1a with "--with-smbwrapper", then you get

Now, if you rename to and link mc against
it instead on the code from vfs/samba, only few symbols are unresolved:

from vfs/smbfs.c:
DEBUGLEVEL smb_len smb_buf

real_llseek real_lstat64 real_readdir64 real_fstat64 real_stat64
real_pwrite real_pread

> > Unfortunately, many people lose interest to the project as soon as their
> > patches are applied.
> Which project do you mean, exactly? MC or Samba?

MC, obviously.  The samba library was added to the mc sources, but the
author of the smbfs patch didn't bother to improve the code after the
patch was applied.

I did some cleanup later to improve configure speed, but the real cleanup
would be to use a separate samba library.

Pavel Roskin

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