Re: Status update

> > 1) Using "cvs up -d" only on the projects where you need it.
> But apparently I need for everything except mc. All other
> projects create new directories. XFree86, GNOME, KDE,
> Mozilla, LFTP, Mutt, and more. Maybe a few don't.

Try explaining it in info-cvs gnu org   Discuss there how to implement it
better.  There is no use of discussing this problem in the MC list.

> > 3) Finding Miguel and persuading him that he is wrong.  The
> > first part is already hard to implement, not to mention the
> > second :-)
> Or moving the new text version to Savannah ? I thought GNU
> would be used now that the GNOME version was removed.

There is an important advantage in having MC in the GNOME repository -
translators.  MC messages are translated in 30 languages.  MC project is
very liberal toward translators and gives them access to every project.

Many people want to internationalize GNOME and they do it to MC as well.
Less people would want to internationalize GNU software and get write
access to Savannah just for that.

> > 5) Fix CVS to support blacklists (i.e. .cvsignore in your
> > interpretation) and _real_ modules surviving "cvs up -d".
> What I miss. If I could remove all po/*.po without losing
> anything...

This should go to info-cvs gnu org   CVS developers should know what their
users want.

By the way, I have created the "mc-text" module.  Use the following
command to check it out:

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous anoncvs gnome org:/cvs/gnome co mc-text

Remember that it doesn't survive "mc up -d".  Also, to exclude
directories, the alias module has to be used (another dumb limitation), so
the checked out files will go to the "mc" directory, not to "mc-text".

Pavel Roskin

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