Re: --with-ncurses problems

Hi, Frédéric!

> >> Shift+F1 prints [25~
> > Where?  In mc?  Or in dd?
> dd ? The utility from fileutils ? No. If I press Shift+F1 in
> MC:

dd would show if the sequences begin with Escape or you are losing them

[proski portland src]$ dd
0+0 records in
0+0 records out

> > But what exactly happens when you try to teach MC F11, F12
> > etc?
> Nothing. No OK or any other message.

That's the most interesting part.  Let's do it step by step.  This is how
it works for me:

Esc 9 o k             the "learn ley" dialog appears
l k                   the cursor goes to "Function key 13"
Space                 the "Teach me a key" dialog appears
Shift-F3              the dialog disappears
Shift-F3              OK appears near "Function key 13"
Esc s                 the "learn ley" dialog disappears
Esc 0 y               MC exits

$ sed -n '/\[terminal:screen\]/,/\[/s/f13/&/p' ~/.mc/ini

When does it go differently for you?  Obviously, it should be \e[28~ for
you, but I'll be surprised it you cannot get to this point at all.

Pavel Roskin

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