Re: Status update

Pavel Roskin wrote:

>> I have "update -d -P" in ~/.cvsrc and my connection is slow
>> :( I don't like the idea of downloading everything again if I
>> do cvs co or up with -d... Any better approach than not using
>> -d ?

> 1) Using "cvs up -d" only on the projects where you need it.

But apparently I need for everything except mc. All other
projects create new directories. XFree86, GNOME, KDE,
Mozilla, LFTP, Mutt, and more. Maybe a few don't.

> 3) Finding Miguel and persuading him that he is wrong.  The
> first part is already hard to implement, not to mention the
> second :-)

Or moving the new text version to Savannah ? I thought GNU
would be used now that the GNOME version was removed.

> 5) Fix CVS to support blacklists (i.e. .cvsignore in your
> interpretation) and _real_ modules surviving "cvs up -d".

What I miss. If I could remove all po/*.po without losing

My last attempt was to chmod 700 po , but cvs up aborts.
Without write permission for the user it won't write any
files in po/ , but still uploads them (in memory I bet).

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