--with-ncurses problems

Hi. I just read a message about ncurses problems with keys
and decided to give it a try. I have ncurses-5.2-20010811.

CVS of 24h ago compiled with --libdir=/usr/local/share
--disable-nls --disable-glibtest
--without-samba --without-gpm-mouse
--without-gnome --with-netrc --without-ext2undel
--with-ncurses --without-slang

I thought --without-slang would skip the S-Lang tests in
configure, but it doesn't.

OK. It compiled. I'm using screen on Linux console. Problems:

- Syntax highlighting doesn't work at all. I thought the
--libdir option was causing the problem, but tried symlinking
it to /usr/local/lib/mc to no avail.

- Shift+FX doesn't work. I can't get Midnight Commander to
create a new file in the editor and other options that use

Shift+F1 prints [25~
Shift+F2 [26~[28~
Shift+F3 [28~
Shift+F4 [29~

And so on.

Learn keys doesn't help, but it recognizes the keys. Only
until F10.

And some keys aren't recognized. As an example, if I try End:

Cannot accept this key

You have entered "h"

Maybe time to declare ncurses BROKEN ? -:)

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