Re: --with-ncurses problems


> I thought --without-slang would skip the S-Lang tests in
> configure, but it doesn't.

That's because it wasn't me who wrote this test.  I hope to fix it some

> OK. It compiled. I'm using screen on Linux console. Problems:
> - Syntax highlighting doesn't work at all. I thought the
> --libdir option was causing the problem, but tried symlinking
> it to /usr/local/lib/mc to no avail.

It is a known limitation of the ncurses build.  It should be fixed - I see
no fundamental reasons for this limitation.

> - Shift+FX doesn't work. I can't get Midnight Commander to
> create a new file in the editor and other options that use
> Shift+Fx.

I could not reproduce this problem.  Please give more information -
terminal name, ncurses version, OS version etc.

> Shift+F1 prints [25~

Where?  In mc?  Or in dd?

> Shift+F2 [26~[28~

This looks bad.  I'm not surprised that MC has hard time learning this.

> Learn keys doesn't help, but it recognizes the keys. Only
> until F10.
> And some keys aren't recognized. As an example, if I try End:
> Cannot accept this key
> You have entered "h"

But what exactly happens when you try to teach MC F11, F12 etc?

> Maybe time to declare ncurses BROKEN ? -:)

No.  I haven't seen a single detailed bugreport regarding ncurses support
in MC (your message doesn't qualify as a detailed bugreport for obvious

But old UNIX curses are not supported anymore in the head branch.

Pavel Roskin

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