gmc goes insane

When gmc (mc 4.5.51 or 4.5.55) runs , it uses all my CPU, grabs all my memory ( all 512 MB + swap ) , and ends up pretty much making the desktop unusable, requiring me to <ctl><alt><backspace> to kill X.

I also get the "no response from the saveyourself program" message.

Needles to say, Gnome is pretty broken without gmc, but I had to remove it make it work at all. My system is rh7.1 / Gnome 1.2 except for 3 unusual things which are probably be related to this:

First, I am using XIG Accelerated X 1.1 instead of XFree86. Second I am using the xfs filesystem. Third, I am using devfs.

Things were working fine before when I was using rh6.2, ext2, and no devfs - but still XIG.

Please help me fix this.



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