Re: Status update

Hi, Frédéric!

> Remove = add to .cvsignore ?

No.  .cvsignore only affects the quiestion marks that cvs prints for
unknown files.  It also affects "cvs import".  Please read "info cvs" for
more details.

I mean removing (by "cvs remove") all files so that "cvs up -P" removes
empty directories.  This is what was done with the "tk" and "xview"

> > Of course, using "cvs up -d" will bring them back, so be
> > careful if your connection is slow.
> I have "update -d -P" in ~/.cvsrc and my connection is slow
> :( I don't like the idea of downloading everything again if I do
> cvs co or up with -d... Any better approach than not using -d ?

1) Using "cvs up -d" only on the projects where you need it.

2) Creating an "mc-text" module in CVS.  I'll have a look, but it will
only affect "cvs co", not "cvs up".

3) Finding Miguel and persuading him that he is wrong.  The first part is
already hard to implement, not to mention the second :-)

4) Fix CVS client to omit "-d" from "cvs up" if run in certain

5) Fix CVS to support blacklists (i.e. .cvsignore in your interpretation)
and _real_ modules surviving "cvs up -d".

6) Switch from CVS to Subversions or BitKeeper.

> > I also enabled large file support by default.  I know that
> > the Autoconf macro AC_SYS_LARGEFILE is not quite stable yet,
> > but we should be able to fix it by the time when mc-4.6 is
> > released (I expect it to happen in December 2001).
> What do you mean with "not quite stable yet" ? What are the
> problems if "we should be able to fix" ? I have Autoconf 2.52
> / Automake 1.5.

I remember seeing a lot of bugreports in the Autoconf lists regarding
AC_SYS_LARGEFILE.  Notably, it doesn't work with C++.  I don't know if any
of general problems affect MC anyhow.

For the MC-specific problem, see my message to Martin.

Pavel Roskin

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