Re: community managers

On 11/15/2012 09:36 PM, Emily Gonyer wrote:
I think Dave's point was that we missed an opportunity to keep
Cinnamon as GNOME 3 - because at one point it was GNOME 3.x with
extensions piled on. They have since forked and are truly a separate
project now, but that wasn't always the case. If we had made it clear
that they & their users were still using GNOME 3, we might have been
able to bring them into the larger GNOME tent and kept them from
forking and going their separate way. Just because someone is using
extensions doesn't mean they aren't using GNOME 3, any more than my
use of HTTPS Everywhere, AdBlock Plus, etc in Firefox & Chromium make
them different browsers.

I think the difference there is that you as the person using Firefox in the end are the one adding those extensions on top and not someone before you in the chain. This is also why I find AMAZING, while it worries me about the possible difficulties when you try to debug something when a bug report is coming in from someone that have a system that works vastly different from what came with your system out of the box. This does not disallow, or even disencourage you or someone else from taking, say Firefox, modifying it in various ways or reuse parts of it to build something entirely different, like say, a arcade machine or a car UI and spread that to the world. I mean, it's free software and all. The question is if the name Firefox makes sense for that amazing thing you just built, or if it might make things easier for you and everyone else installed to give that a new and unique name.

Keeping a good relationship between a project and the people that take the project and end up building something quite different with it is always desirable when it benefits both parties. Of course. Cinnamon specifically seems to make some people happy, and I don't mind that at all. I think that's great. That's more people using free software instead of, say, getting a mac just because they didn't like something in GNOME 3.

That's my personal take on Big Tent vs. Tight Core.
- Andreas

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