Re: Microblogging Workflow

On 2012-05-28 06:15, Allan Day wrote:
Karen Sandler <karen gnome org> wrote:
I really need a way to schedule
microblogging posts.
This leaves two options that I can see:

1. Change our workflow so that we publish posts on Twitter and push
them to from there. Then use a Twitter client with
scheduling capabilities.

2. Use the Wordpress install to schedule microblogging posts
and push them to Twitter.
This sounds like a good plan to me - is it easy to use the Wordpress install in that way? I think it would be worth the inconvenience to be able to do this. I'm not a microblogger by nature, but it's really important we have that kind of content out there (and I usually think of things to microblog
long after they're relevant, and think darn...)

I've tried a couple of Wordpress plugins for posting to, but these are generally focused on sending updates when you publish a blog
post, and none of them really fitted the bill. itself does
have a feature that allows you to generate messages from an RSS/Atom
feed (which we could generate using Wordpress), but the feature isn't
working for me, for some reason.

I'm also starting to think that using Wordpress as a microblogging
platform is just wrong. :)

The only thing I've found which is able to do what we need is
Tweetdeck. I'd be really happy to use that on a shared GNOME account.

Hmmm, there seem to be a lot of proprietary solutions for this. But hopefully we can do better - have you looked into tricklepost? Could that work for what we need? I'll do some further digging too!


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