Re: Ubuntu GNOME Flavor naming


On 12-08-20 12:36 AM, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
1. GNOMEbuntu
2. Ubuntu GNOME Edition
3. GNObuntu

Ryan has already registered so I'm leaning
towards the first name if that's acceptable.

The reason I like the first name (at least in some form) is because if I ask someone "what distro?" they will not reply with "Ubuntu GNOME Edition". It's going to get nick-named "gubuntu" or something like that in casual usage. Having an official nickname like "gnomebuntu" is important if we want to avoid this. The idea is that this could be used in the domain name and metapackage/seed names while reserving the longer name for official marketing/branding materials (website titles, splash screens, etc).

I have less of an opinion about what the "official" name should be. A name like "Ubuntu GNOME Edition" or even "GNOME, powered by Ubuntu" were discussed at the UDS and I think they're okay. I registered the domain at the time, though, because I was pretty sure that even if we pick one of these names we would require a shorter nickname, and imho, "gnomebuntu" is the only one I consider acceptable (rejecting explicit names like "gnubuntu" "gnobuntu" "gubuntu", etc).

Consider and you start to see what I mean...


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