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>Enviado: lunes 28 de noviembre de 2011 21:01
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>Hi all.
>I apologize for entering into the discussion, but in my opinion should be presented as a Gnome user friendly desktop. Version 3 has made a great leap forward, it is very technologically advanced desktop. Now we should think how to show people that it is usable. So I think it would be preferable (except slogan User friendly desktop) directly represent users and show their work with Gnome. Examples are the best.
>In summary:
>- User friendly desktop for all - just a slogan to rule them all :-)
>- Short video clips and examples of users work with gnome
>- "Why and for what I use Gnome?" "On what computer / laptop / monitor usingGnome" direct answers and articles users
>This should be part of a campaign that could be directly targeted in two directions: to show benefits of regular Gnome users and also invite them to participate to improve the user experience when using the Gnome desktop.
>What should be the main objective of this campaign? New users of Gnome or greater involvement in the preparation of new friends next release of Gnome?
>Best regards
>Viktor Machek - fan of Gnome :-)
>(Czech rep.)


I am a little bit confused with your message. GNOME is always moving in the direction of having a user friendly desktop. The main purporse of this campaign is that  we want to extend the new features to everyone, including users of all ages and abilities becasue we don't want to left people behind. So I think, under my understanding, that your message is not related to the subject of this thread.

After said that, the gnome 3 page [1] has the kind of videos and information I think you want to find. Jason Clinton made these fantastic videos for GNOME 3.0, but unfortunately AFAIK nobody has volunteered for doing more videos since them. The new feaures are presented basically in the release notes [2]



   -- Juanjo Marin

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