Re: material for desktop summit press kit

These don't seem like things we should be presenting to the press,

Depends on how you word them :D

I turned the comments here into:

Key issues for GNOME at the Desktop Summit
The GNOME community will use the opportunity of the Desktop Summit
gathering to discuss the following 'hot' items in the community:

  * Celebrating GNOME 3.0. 2011 has been a big year for GNOME; the summit
will be a chance for contributors to congratulate one another on their

* The future of GNOME 3; how to help the distributions to package GNOME
3 and ease the overall adoption of its use and development, seeking
feedback to help with design and architecture? Where will GNOME 3.2 be
going? What about the talks about GTK 4? Our new Documents interface?
The GNOME Contacts framework?

  * We will be welcoming our new Executive Director and the new
Foundation Board!

* GNOME and mobile. With the earlier GNOME Mobile efforts and the work
on GNOME Shell as well as MeeGo, there are plenty of mobile technologies
in the GNOME community. How do these relate to each other, how can they
strengthen each other and is there more collaboration possible?

* Improving collaboration within the GNOME community.There are many
brilliant people involved in GNOME and there are many opportunities to
employ there skills in other and better ways. An example would be
makeing better use of the interaction knowledge and user interface
design skills we have.

* Collaboration with other communities and our corporate partners is
also high on the agenda. There is technology shared with the KDE
community in our lower stack and there is much to be gained in that are.
But also collaboration with our corporate partners including Canonical,
Red Hat, SUSE and others is an important point of attention.

Input still welcome but it'll have to come quick, we need to start doing
the look&  feel and printing soon.


Jos, you are a god of spin. Remind me never to get into a marketing war with you. :-) Looks great.

Sumana Harihareswara

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